Friday, November 19, 2010

Part of our purpose is to teach younger people how to sew and create things with their hands for others. Here, Suzanne is teaching MacKenzie how to make a bear pillow using camoflauge material for children of servicemen and women serving overseas.
Here is one of our members, Patti showing the quilt she made from fabric samples to give to her Navajo host family when she went on her first short-term mission trip last summer.

Here is an example of the BEAUTIFUL designer fabric samples that were previously thrown into landfills and now make useful things like tissue covers, coin purses, laprobes, walker bags and who knows what else!!!!

All it takes are some volunteers - some sew, some cut, some encourage - a bit of space and time and off we go. We would encourage ANYONE who wants to join in, come on over!

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